Training opportunities from ACCORD

A Unique Opportunity to train to Level 6 (UK)/Level 8 (RoI) as a specialist Couples Counsellor qualified to practice in-person and online

Accord is recruiting experienced practitioners to train in the specialism of Couples and Relationships Counselling.  Successful applicants will have an opportunity to follow a 16 day Level 6/Level 8 Certificate programme in Couples Counselling (in-person/blended learning) and a further 105 hours training in online and telephone counselling with individuals and couples with an external provider commissioned by Accord.

Do you have:

  • Minimum Level 5 (UK)/Level 7 (RoI) qualification in Counselling/Psychotherapy?
  • Substantial experience of working in the Person-Centred style?
  • Minimum 100 counselling hours post-graduation?
  • A current supervised caseload?

If you can answer yes to all four questions above, please contact us for further information about this unique Couples Counselling training package. Final date for receipt of applications 07/06/2021