Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults       

Designated Person and Director: Mrs. Patricia Carville. Tel: 077 8991 7741 Email:

Chair, Safeguarding Committee: Mrs Bridget Mc Conville, Diocesan Safeguarding committee, c/o Diocesan Office, Bishop’s House, Armagh Road, Newry, Co. Down BT35 6PN
Tel: 028 3026 2444

You can also contact:National Board for Safeguarding in the Catholic Church in Ireland: Towards Healing: Helpline 0800 0963315 ( Northern Ireland) 1800 303416 ( Rep of Ireland) PSNI: Call 101 

Dromore Redress Scheme   

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Policy Statement

Policy statement

Dromore diocese, Policies and procedures/guidance

Safeguarding children

Parish guidance

Child protection leaflet

Whistle blowing policy

Parish resources

Accident incident form

Children's liturgy register

Children's liturgy consent form

Complaints form

Hazard risk assessment form

Job description children's - liturgy

Job description altar - server

Job description - sacristan

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

Diocese of Dromore Adult Safeguarding Policy

Use of social media

Code of conduct

Digital media policy

Good practice with digital platforms

Use of digital platform- risk assessment

How to make a complaint

Complaints procedure

How to make a complaint

Strategic Plan

Strategic plan


Vetting Application Guidance Notes (Sept 2021)

Guidance on Creating an NI Direct Account & Processing an Access NI Application 

Application form

Identity Verification Form & List of Acceptable Documents

Confidential Declaration Form (Sept 2021)

Letter of Appointment

Code of behaviour

Safeguarding Agreement

Other documents

Church Celebret Notice


Session booklet

Whistle blowing policy

GAP Papers-National Board for Safeguarding Children

GAP Paper 3 Caring Pastorally and Managing Respondents

GAP Paper 2 Compassionate Response to Complainants

GAP Paper 1 Child Safeguarding and Digital Media

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